My idea was that this archive would include not only Lithuania’s prominent authors of the second half of the 20th century but that it could also revive the illustrations that shaped the worldview of an entire generation. 

These authors were the first ones to challenge the traditions of social realism’s established optimism by creating their own forms of modern art, linked closely and strongly to folk culture. The artists didn’t pander neither to kids nor to adults, and their aims weren’t for the illustrations to be formalist or vainly decorative. 

I also wanted to include artworks that made a powerful emotional impression on me in the past, the same drawings that now trigger enormous nostalgia.

These authors have certainly played their part in the way our generation sees the world – how we perceive its colours and how sensitive we are to the overwhelming processes of today. This mosaic’s different parts come together to create an entirety that would be almost impossible to frame in any other way.